Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Where many children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them at all.

Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong, Kenya

Since 1989, Huruma Children’s Home has grown from 6 children living with Mama and her family in the family’s mud home to today, where 100 + children reside with her full-time.  There are now dormitories where each child has their own bed. In 1989, the children attended school to Gr. 8 only in a hot tin building, now they are in a two-story cinder block building that goes to Form 4 (Grade 12). The children used to take their meals eating on the floor but now they eat in a very large dining room where everyone eats together and has a place to sit.  The home also has their own Church on the site. This allows citizens from the surrounding areas to come and celebrate their faith with Huruma’s children.

About Mama Zipporah:

Mama Zipporah was born and raised in Kenya. She established Huruma Children’s Home with the help of her husband, Pastor Isaac Kamau, to protect those children who, like herself as a child, had nowhere else to turn.
Currently there are 160 children that reside at Huruma. She continues to take in children from the slums of Ngong to Huruma each school day. Currently there are 90 children benefiting from this. This allows them to get their education, as well as a main meal. In the past, when it is discussed with her about when she will put top number to the admission of children to Huruma, she is very thoughtful as she worries about where the children would go, if not to Huruma.

We want to share very good news regarding a recent medical diagnosis of Mama Zipporah.  (Updated Feb 5, 2020)  READ MORE…

Their Stories:

Blessing  was neglected. Her birth mother was an alcoholic. She was placed at Huruma for care and protection for a period of six months.  Child still in residence.


Brian is in Grade 5.  He was placed at Huruma for care and protection by Kibera law courts after the father sexually assaulted his step sister. The father was jailed for 18 years and there was no one to take care of him since the mother had died.


Ann is in Form 2 (Grade 10).  She was placed in Huruma after the closure of Sidai Children’s Centre.


Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada)

Report From Board Of Directors

JULY 2020

It is with great delight that I am able to report that by the end of July 2020, Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada), will have forwarded to Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong Hills, Kenya, over $100,000.00 Canadian Dollars since our inception as a Registered Canadian Charity on April 11, 2014. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I am humbled that we have been able to be so successful in aiding Mama Zipporah in meeting the needs of all of her children, both in the residence and from the local slums.

This is an amazing sum, and much needed. But as a charity we cannot rest. As some of you know, there is no social safety net in Kenya. It is up to Mama Zipporah to fundraise all necessary monies needed to feed, house, educate, and clothe all of the children in the home, and feed and educate some of the children from the local slum. When we were there in February 2020, there were 160 children in residence, from infancy to young adults; and approximately 90 children came from the Ngong slum on a daily basis.

When the Corona Virus hit the world, it affected Kenya as well. A plea went out from the Board of Directors, and you stepped up and very generously gave.

As we know here in Canada, this virus is not going away. We don’t have any idea when things will return to normal, or even what ‘normal’ will look like. This is in the same in Kenya.

As some of you may know, Huruma Children’s Home was gifted 6 acres quite a few kilometers away from the residence. Mama always planted legumes there to supplement their food supply. The Kenyan government forbade anyone from leaving their homes unless it was an emergency, therefore, these acres could not be farmed this year. It is quite a loss, which will need to be made up by extra expense toward the purchasing of food.


In reviewing our trip in February 2020, we all commented on how we fell more in love with the children every day. How they could find joy in the littlest of things.

As mentioned in an earlier report, Huruma was recently the benefactor of a bequeath.  Mama invested this money in 51 solar panels which she strategically placed on the dining room roof. Please look at pictures at bottom of website. There is a picture there of the solar panels on the roof.

Due to Covid the school has been dramatically changed.  There is E learning, the older children helping the younger children, and working in pairs.  The children and youth that were to sit for their Grade 8’s and Form 4’s exams where frustrated of course, but continue to maintain a study schedule that will aid them when the schools are allowed to open again. 

On July 24, 2020, a Canadian dollar was worth 80.34 Kenyan shillings.   An example of the costs of caring for the children is food.  The annual food cost is 5,165,000 Kenyan shillings.  That is approximately $65,000.00 Canadian dollars.  The home ensures every child (including the day students) receive a protein based porridge daily.  I am hoping to visit this supplier when I visit the home again in 2022. The cost of this is 1.25 Canadian dollar per kilo and they buy 500 Kg. per month to meet this important need.  A further example of expenses is the cost of a child’s school uniform.  It costs 5,165.00 Kenyan shillings.  In Canadian dollars it is approximately 65.00. Due to the fluctuation of the Kenyan shilling, these costs are up considerably in Canadian dollars, since 2017. The children wear their uniforms until they wear out, or they outgrow them and they are passed to a younger child.

The area where Huruma is situated in the Ngong Hills, the devastation that was caused by the locust in the northern part of the country was not felt as harshly, but it did have an impact on the cost of food, causing it to fluctuate almost on a daily basis.   

Again, we would like to reiterate that all of the money raised through Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) goes directly to Huruma Children’s Home.  There are no management costs, as we are all volunteers.

 It continues to be our hope that you consider Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) as a recipient of your generosity.      



Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) Board of Directors.

In April 2014 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) granted Canadian Charitable Status to Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada).  Our charitable number is:   830771770RR0001.  All Canadian donations receive a Canadian taxable receipt for income tax purposes.

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