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Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Where many children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them at all.

Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong, Kenya

Since 1989, Huruma Children’s Home has grown from 6 children living with Mama and her family in the family’s mud home to today, where 200 + children reside with her full-time.  There are now dormitories where each child has their own bed. In 1989, the children attended school to Gr. 8 only in a hot tin building, now they are in a two-story cinder block building that goes to Form 4 (Grade 12). The children used to take their meals eating on the floor but now they eat in a very large dining room where everyone eats together and has a place to sit.  The home also has their own Church on the site. This allows citizens from the surrounding areas to come and celebrate their faith with Huruma’s children.

About Mama Zipporah:

Mama Zipporah was born and raised in Kenya, where she came to establish the Huruma Children’s Home with the help of her husband Pastor Isaac Kamau to protect those children who, like herself as a child, have nowhere else to turn.
Mama continues to take in children. She now has 200+ children/youth living full time with her. Is she proud to have her home on her own property 24/7? She also takes in 100 children from the slums of Ngong to Huruma each school day. This allows them to get their education, as well as a meal. When it is discussed with her about when she will put a stop to the admission of children to Huruma, she is very thoughtful. She does not see any limit to the number of children coming and living at Huruma, because, her question back is, ‘Where would they go?’

Their Stories:

Winfrey age 12 years:  Came to Huruma when the police rescued her due to physical abuse causing injuries, by her mother.  Children’s Department is still involved.  She has settled into Huruma well and is continuing her education.

Salin is 10 months old.
She was abandoned by her mother in April 2017 in a neighbouring town when she left her at a day care centre and never came back.  After one month, the day care called the police and the child was brought to Huruma Children’s Home.  Attempts to find the mother have been unsuccessful.

Wincate age 17 years:  Is a victim of sexual abuse who needed immediate care. Due the the probability of abuse continuing she was placed in a protective setting. However, due to the trauma she has suffered,  it was decided that Huruma was the safest place for her until she finishes her high school education.

Huruma Children’s Trust Fund (Canada)

Report From Board Of Directors

Since becoming aware of Huruma Children’s Home in 2003 and travelling there for the first of many times in 2004, we have observed how Mama Zipporah uses every penny that she is able to raise to provide for her children.  On my first visit to the home in 2004, my Church raised money to give to her.  When I gave it to her, she said that she had prayed that morning to God to provide, as there was no food to feed the children, nor money to buy food with.  She lives by the creed that ‘God will provide’, and He always has.  All of our board members have travelled to Huruma Children’s Home over the years.

Jodie, Marianna, Julia and Donna had a successful visit to Huruma in March.  Many goals were achieved.  Mama was able to show us the watering system that a generous Canadian financed allowing the produce to be planted, grown and harvested even in the dry season. At this point, only one acre has the watering system.  She prays that the donations will come to allow the other 5 acres to be irrigated as well.   The produce feeds the children, but Mama’s goal is to grow enough so that she will be able to sell the excess for money for the orphanage.  Marianna was able to teach the ‘aunties’ how to make cost efficient delicious bread/buns.  These were enjoyed by the children and staff.  Jodie was able to introduce the principals and teachers to ‘Play Centred’  learning and revamped and decorated the 4 early year classrooms to allow this learning to take place in a play centred manner. Julia, celebrated her 8th birthday at Huruma.  The children were excited to have her present, and she adapted very well, enjoying playing with the children, and attending the grade two class.


In April 2014 Canada Revenue Service (CRA) granted Canadian Charitable Status to Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada).  Our charitable number is:   830771770RR0001.  All Canadian donations receive a Canadian taxable receipt for income tax purposes.

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Based in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The children love to make new friends and value the letters they receive.
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Mama Zipporah uses every penny to provide for her children.
Review costs from breakfast to college education.

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