Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Where many children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them at all.

Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong, Kenya

Since 1989, Huruma Children’s Home has grown from 6 children living with Mama and her family in the family’s mud home to today, where 100 + children reside with her full-time.  There are now dormitories where each child has their own bed. In 1989, the children attended school to Gr. 8 only in a hot tin building, now they are in a two-story cinder block building that goes to Form 4 (Grade 12). The children used to take their meals eating on the floor but now they eat in a very large dining room where everyone eats together and has a place to sit.  The home also has their own Church on the site. This allows citizens from the surrounding areas to come and celebrate their faith with Huruma’s children.

About Mama Zipporah:

Mama Zipporah was born and raised in Kenya. She established Huruma Children’s Home with the help of her husband, Pastor Isaac Kamau, to protect those children who, like herself as a child, had nowhere else to turn.
Currently there are 160 children that reside at Huruma. She continues to take in children from the slums of Ngong to Huruma each school day. Currently there are 90 children benefiting from this. This allows them to get their education, as well as a main meal. In the past, when it is discussed with her about when she will put top number to the admission of children to Huruma, she is very thoughtful as she worries about where the children would go, if not to Huruma.

We want to share very good news regarding a updated medical diagnosis of Mama Zipporah.  (Updated November 2020) 

Mama reports her health is better.  She is walking more and takes delight in not having to wear a back brace on a daily basis.   She is also happy to report she can now wear her regular shoes, which most women will attest is very important!



Their Stories:

 Arshavin was admitted to Huruma in 2016 after his father contacted the home and informed them he was very ill and could not care for his young son.  Arshavin’s younger brother had been admitted soon after birth in 2014 when the mother died.  As a result Huruma admitted him and he was reunited with his 2 year old brother.  Arshavin is in Huruma’s new Junior High in Grade 7.  He is one of Huruma’s best students and is the best in French.


Zipporah known as Zippy is a child who’s mother grew up in Huruma and due to the mother’s  special needs, Zippy was brought into the care of Huruma at birth.  She has two half siblings living in the home as well.  Zippy is a sweet, beautiful little girl and a joy to be with.  She is in Grade 2.  She loves singing and dancing.

Blessing was admitted to Huruma in 2018 after Childrens Services determined she was being neglected by her mother.  She was malnourished on admission, but her health improved quickly soon after admission.  She is currently in PP2 (which is kindergarten) and is learning well.  She loves dancing and playing with others.


Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.
Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.
Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.
Huruma Children’s Home & School is in Ngong town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.




COVID followed the world into early 2022. But it subsided enough, and the world was vaccinated enough, to allow us to plan a trip to Huruma last year.
Even though COVID is subsiding, the new challenge for Kenya is a drought that has lasted over two years! Can you imagine?

Mama continues to work hard to provide for all of the children in her care which now numbers at 200+, not including the local children that benefit from coming to the home daily to receive their education and their main meal of the day. This remains extremely difficult, as due to the drought, like every where in the world, prices go up when the demand is high and supply is low. People don’t know whether to plant their fields and pray…or not plant at all.

When we were there in October/November 2022, we travelled to Mama’s farm. I have never felt such a dry wind, and the soil was rock solid hard, nothing was growing.  This was heart breaking.

Prices of everything continue to go up. Currently $1.00 Canadian dollar is equal to 92.18 Kenyan shillings.
These are the food costs currently:

200 kg potatoes
Ksh. 30,00 – Can $323.69

300 kg Porridge
Ksh. 48,000 – Can $517.91

270 kg Corn/Maize
Ksh 20,100 – Can $216.88

384 kg Wheat/Flour
Ksh 39,200 – Can $422.96

564 kg Maize Flour
Ksh 54,000 – Can $582.65

720 Kg Beans
Ksh 94,400 – Can $1018.56

180 Kg Lentils
Ksh 39,600 – Can $427.28

400 Heads Cabbage
Ksh 20,000 – Can $215.80

180 kg Carrots
Ksh 8,500 – Can $91.71

Since 2022, all food stuffs have increased substantially in price, except for corn which is down a bit, but beans are almost up 50%! When I reviewed Mama’s expense sheets, I noted that the food expense line was lower than previous years.  They shared that donations were down, therefore, the money was not there to spend on extra food.

As I mentioned above, a team travelled to Huruma in October/November 2022. The team consisted of 2 retired nurses, 2 retired school administrators, one retired therapist and myself. The school administrators worked hard building on the experience of 2020 with the teachers, administrators and management, which was deemed extremely successful. Relationships have been formed and Canadian volunteers are in touch regularly with Principal Sammie at the school to aid him in the implementation of the new curriculum that has been introduced to all Kenyan schools.

The nurses brought lots of tools, and were able to do basic medical checkups on most of the children in Mama’s care. The nurses expressed pleasure to Mama that for the most part, the children were in good health.

The team  fund-raised for two specific projects.  One to replace the uniforms that have often been worn to beyond  thread bare, and replace the blue school sweaters as well.  Starting in January 2023, Mama is introducing a Junior High school setting for Grades 7,8 and 9.  These students will be getting another style of uniform which is exciting for them.

The other project was to aid in the building of a second cinder block house on the site of Mama’s garden.  This second block house was spoken about in last year’s report from the Board.  Mama sees it as an opportunity for the transitional youth, to work on the farm and learn the skills of farming.  She is always looking for learning opportunities for all of her children, so that when they leave her home permanently, they can be self sufficient.

Our team went out one day and worked with the young adults in getting a few layers of block laid.  We were excited to be part of such an important program.  I have included a picture of the day we worked there (October 2022) and a second picture taken January 2023. The progress is wonderful.  Mama must be so proud.

Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) is happy to report, thanks again to our wonderful supporters, that in 2022 we were able to donate 25,000.00 Canadian dollars to Huruma Children’s Home.  With today’s exchange, that was 2,306,226.33 Kenyan shillings!  Thank you. Thank you!

Again  we want you to know that as Kenya does not have any social safety net, it is up to Mama Zipporah to raise all the monies necessary to feed, house, clothe and educate all of the children in her care.

It is Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada)’s mandate to raise awareness and funds for the home.

We always like to reiterate that all monies raised by the charity goes directly to Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya.  There are no management fees. We are all volunteers.

It continues to be our hope that you consider Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) as a recipient of your generosity.

Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong and Mama Zipporah both have Facebook pages.  Please follow them there.  As well, you can follow them on You Tube:  Huruma Children’s Home Ngone Hills, Kenya.

The Board of Directors
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In April 2014 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) granted Canadian Charitable Status to Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada).  Our charitable number is:   830771770RR0001.  All Canadian donations receive a Canadian taxable receipt for income tax purposes.

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