Dear Friends of Huruma Children’s Home Kenya,

 We wanted to share very worrisome information regarding a recent medical diagnosis of Mama Zipporah.  After experiencing a number of symptoms over the last several months, Mama was hospitalized and subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer which affects the bone marrow plasma cells.  If you are unfamiliar with the disease, you can read more about it here:

Update:  July 31, 2019:  I was able to have a video conversation with Mama today. She is back in Kenya after her surgery in India and she is busy in her physio therapy, working from 9 am through 4 pm, 5 days per week.  She is in good spirits and getting stronger by the day.  For a lot of the time in the day, she only needs a cane to walk with.  She still has a long road ahead.  She will be going back to India in October 2019 for a bone marrow transplant.  She was proud and humbled to tell me that this very expensive treatment is being funded by Cornerstone Church in Arizona, with whom Mama had a very long positive relationship with. 

As a friend of Mama Zipporah, you know that she has positively impacted the lives of countless Kenyan children.  We are praying that with treatment Mama Zipporah will heal and be able to continue the work God has given her.  The cost of her care will be significant. Hope for Huruma (an American sponsor) has launched a ‘go fund me’ account to aid in these costs.

It is: Mama Zipporah’s Health Care

Their goal is $25,000 US dollars for the first phase of Mama’s care.  The expected costs are as follows: 

Mama Zipporah’s Phase 1 Medical Treatment Estimates
Oral medications & injections  $10,800 
Physician & nursing care  $3,120 
Dietary & personal care  $3,420 
Hospital fees $3,000 
Phase 2 medical care planning  $2,860 
Staff coverage  $1,800 

Phase 2 of Mama’s care will depend on how well she responds to the care she receives over the next 5 or 6 months.  It may include a stem cell or bone marrow transplant which would mean travel to India or the United States.

 You can help in the following  ways:

  1. Pray!  Mama is a prayer warrior and will be so encouraged to know that she is being covered in prayer by her friends from the Canada and the rest of the world.
  2. Share!  Please share the GoFundMe campaign on all of your social media accounts, by direct email to your contacts, etc.
  3.  Give!  If you are able, please consider giving personally to help cover the cost of Mama’s care.  You can give through the GoFundMe campaign 

We hope to spread the word widely so that we can get Mama’s medical costs covered as quickly as possible. Please note:   Mama is deeply concerned that the cost of her care does not impact the availability of funds required to run Huruma.  Mama has given her life in service to the children and we are praying that her supporters will respond to the call to honour Mama’s sacrifice.

Please be aware that donating to Mama’s health care, although very much needed, is not eligible for a Canadian Tax Receipt, through Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada).

Here is the email that Mama’s daughter Sialo  sent regarding her health.  To be aware, Sialo is running Huruma Children’s Home.  She has been the general manager for the last couple of years, and she is very efficient, effective and much respected by the staff and loved by the children.  She has informed me that she will continue to maintain this role going forward.

 “Much greetings from Huruma Children’s Home. The children are all doing well and they are currently on a one week school break.

As you would have seen on our Facebook page our mum has been unwell for a while. Many of you might not know but on October 2018 she slipped in the bathroom but God is good she did not fall. As a result of the slip she experienced some pain in her right shoulder. Due to this we went to Kikuyu Hospital one of our major hospitals here in Kenya that deals with bones. We did a X-ray of the shoulder that showed her muscles were a bit affected where they gave her some muscle relaxers and painkillers.

 In the month of January 2019 our Huruma Brick Wall was demolished by the government road contractors and this affected her. As a result because of the trauma she woke up with a lot of back pain one morning. We took her back to Kikuyu Hospital where the doctor requested for an MRI scan to be done to ascertain what was wrong with her back. The scan didn’t show anything was a matter so she was put on Physiotherapy sessions twice a week. 

 The pain persisted and we decided to take her to Karen Hospital for some more tests. Here is where we found out that her blood had an infection, it was low, she had Pneumonia, and she had Pathological fractures both in the shoulder bone and the spinal vertebrae bone. As a result the Orthopedic doctor referred her for admission at Coptic Hospital for more blood tests and CT scans as well as for pain management as he ascertained what was the matter. The blood tests done showed that she was suffering from Multiple Myeloma a rare cancer for the blood plasma. This explained why her bones were weak thus the pathological fractures. She got admitted on 11th February 2019 and was hospitalized for 9 days where the doctors were conducting more tests as well as managing the pain which had become unbearable. She was discharged on 19th February 2019 where we decided to seek a second opinion from a more qualified doctor who has specialized in blood and bone cancers.

 We are thankful to God that we got one of the best Haemato Oncologist in Kenya from Aga Khan University Hospital who is following up on Mama on a weekly basis. She will be following up a medication protocol that he has prescribed to fight the disease. We now feel more secure knowing that Mama is having a more qualified, experienced and a specialist in the stated diagnosis. We choose to believe that healing comes from God, however, we have tried to secure the best doctor in the country.  

 This came as a shock to all of us here in Huruma but we are trusting God for healing. He healed Mama once and He can do it again.Thank you for your prayers and concern towards our Mama. 

We love you and we are praying for you too.

 Kindest regards