Report From Board Of Directors



At the start of 2021 we hoped, as did the whole world, that COVID would be well behind us at the beginning of 2022, but as we know that is not the case.
Many things remain the same in Kenya. COVID continues to be rampant and Mama continues to work hard at ensuring her children remain safe and well cared for.
She reports that most of her staff has received the vaccination. She also shared that it is the AstraZeneca vaccine that is prominent there. She herself has had to wait for her vaccination, due to her bone marrow transplant a few years ago…as she had to have all of her vaccinations from birth, all over again. But, Mama continues to heal and her health continues to improve. Her focus remains on the well-being of her children and her staff.
Due to COVID it remains very difficult for international volunteers to visit the home. As we know, it is volunteers that bring awareness about the home to the world, and funds to the home. Therefore, due to this, donations continue to be way down. She has noted this on her facebook page and prays that donors will return.
The Kenyan shilling is very volatile against almost all first world currencies. Currently, one Canadian dollar is only worth 90.52 Kenyan shillings. A few days ago, when I started to write this report, one Canadian dollar was worth 100 Kenyan shillings. As has been mentioned before in these reports, the cost of living in Kenya is extremely high. We have all noticed here in Canada, and it is the same there, but with unstable income. Food, along with other necessities, remain very expensive in Kenya.
Here are some costs at today’s exchange rate:

Potatoes    200 kilos                       24,000 Shillings                     268.18 Canadian

Porridge Flour    300 kilos              35,000 shillings                      386.57 Canadian

Maize (corn) 564 kilos                   32,000 shillings                     353.37 Canadian

Beans 720 kilos                             60,000 shillings                     662.58 Canadian

Lentils 180 kilos                            20,000 shillings                      220.86 Canadian

Cabbage 400 heads                     16,000 shillings                       176.69 Canadian

Also, a full uniform set for each child costs 10,000 shillings which is $110.43. A full set includes school shoes, uniform (which is a skirt and shirt or pants and shirt) fleece jacket, pullover, game shoes (runners) and a tracksuit.

As many of you know, Kenya does not have any social safety net. It is up to Mama to raise all of the monies needed to feed, house, clothe and educate the children in her care.
It continues to be by social media that she connects with her supporters throughout the world and alerts them to the home’s situation and the ongoing, often dire need, for ongoing donations.

Earlier in 2021, we received a plea from Mama that her well had run dry, requesting donations to aid in the drilling of a new well! As always, Canadian supporters were quick to respond and we were able to send a substantial donation to her to aid in this emergency. She reports this was very helpful and timely, but she is looking ahead and acknowledges that a deeper well will be necessary in the not too distant future.

A great benefactor, who supported Mama’s gardens enthusiastically, made Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) the recipient of donations at the time of his death. These funds will go a great distance in getting the gardens back up and running when COVID allows people to gather. Mama has acknowledged that it will take special direction from strong supervisors to maintain the garden, and looks forward to building another small home for the young adults who have aged out of the structured programming and need skills and employment as they move forward in their lives.

A running farm will also aid in the reduction of food costs, and provide an income with the sale of extra produce/legumes to the public.
Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) is happy to report, thanks to our wonderful supporters, in 2021 we were able to donate 17,500.00 Canadian dollars to Huruma. On today’s exchange that is 1,585,412.28 Kenyan shillings!

Again, we like to reiterate that all monies raised by Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) goes directly to Huruma Children’s Home. There are no management fees. We are all volunteers.

It continues to be our hope that you consider Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada) as a recipient of your generosity.

Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya and Mama Zipporah both have Facebook pages. Please follow them there as well.

Board of Directors
Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada)